Team RoboKiller from TelTech, winners of the FTC's anti-robocall competition, today unveiled WhoApp -- a free mobile app that addresses the never-ending question: "Who's calling me now?" WhoApp transforms unknown numbers into names, faces, and rich data, and, for the first time ever, offers iPhone users privacy and peace of mind every time their phone rings.

"The FTC challenged developers to build a solution to the robocall problem, and we've now released our award-winning app to the world," said Meir Cohen, WhoApp's CEO. "WhoApp shows consumers who's calling, and identifies if that call is a known telemarketer or robocaller. It reveals a caller's name, profile picture, and even a street-view image of their location, putting users back in control of their phones."

The innovative, patent-pending app leverages an ever-expanding global database of people, transforming unfamiliar numbers into rich information that changes the way consumers connect with one another. WhoApp reveals critical data before you answer, and offers the same "lookup" technology to research any phone number before you dial.

"For nearly a decade, we have focused on building innovative privacy and security apps that help people take control of their phones, and WhoApp will be another game-changer for iPhone users constantly wondering, 'Should I take that call?'" continued Cohen. "Turning caller ID into a name, face, and even a person's front lawn was never before possible, and will change the way we use our iPhones."

WhoApp is a free app, available exclusively for iPhone in the App Store. In addition to a how-to video and promotional video, more information is available at