• ​Outfox The Scammers: Protecting Company Phones Is Critical to Data Security

    Financial institutions spare no expense when it comes to protecting their data. That’s because they know that hackers and criminals are constantly looking for ways to get inside companies to sabotage systems, access private data, or steal money. Not surprisingly, the global market for computer security is expected to jump to over $170 billion a year by 2020. Unfortunately, spending a lot of money guarding your front gate isn’t much good when you leave the back door wide open, which is what happened to Fortelus Capital Management. Despite all of its fancy cybersecurity protocols, the UK hedge fund’s chief...

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  • ​TelTech Taps Ethan Garr as TrapCall General Manager

    Today TelTech is excited to announce we've hired Ethan Garr as General Manager of TrapCall, our flagship Caller ID unmasking product, helping customers take back their phone and their privacy.

    Ethan will be responsible for leading growth and managing day-to-day operations of the product. In addition, he will head efforts to relaunch TrapCall’s websites and mobile applications. With extensive experience in product and project management, growth hacking and marketing, as well as public relations, the company sees Ethan as an important part of its future plans.

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