App that records calls on mobile phones salutes the only president to resign because of taped calls!

In honor of the 41st anniversary of the resignation of Richard Nixon as President of the United States, TapeACall ( has created “Nixon Day.” Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon left office in August 1974 after secret recordings made in the Oval Office revealed his role in the Watergate scandal. TapeACall lets iPhone and Android users record important calls from their mobile phones at the push of a button, and users who download the app this week will receive a 50% discount on the product, which usually sells for $9.99.

“We thought this was an excellent time to recognize the importance of taped calls in American history,” says Meir Cohen, President of TelTech, creators of TapeACall. “Nixon’s resignation was due in no small part to the revelation of secretly taped conversations, and we wanted to honor that legacy. George Washington is on the dollar bill. Kennedy and Reagan got airports. Nixon deserves something – and what better way to remember his legacy than by recording your phone calls?”

TapeACall is the leading app for recording incoming and outgoing calls on the iPhone. It’s available in over 50 countries and is ideal for anyone who needs verbatim records of calls, including reporters and lawyers. It is also useful for people who need to provide evidence related to phone conversations in legal proceedings.

In June 1972 a break-in at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, DC started a series of covert and illegal activities that ultimately led to Nixon’s resignation two years later. Following the original burglary, Nixon and many of his aides engaged in a conspiracy to cover up the crime. It was difficult for investigators to prove any of the allegations until they learned that Nixon had secretly installed a system to record every conversation held in the Oval Office. The existence of these tapes ultimately led Nixon to leave office and many of his associates to serve time in prison. TapeACall’s Nixon Day salutes the role that recording has played in the highest levels of government.

About TapeACall

TapeACall is a product of TelTech (, a New Jersey-based technology company that develops tools and apps which empower people to take back control of their phones and improve their personal privacy and safety. TelTech’s two main products – TrapCall and TapeACall – are all built on our TelAPI platform and are designed to protect personal privacy, eliminate scams and identity theft, and easily record phone calls. The company is privately held and led by President and Co-Founder Meir Cohen and CTO and Co-Founder Eli Finkelman.