TelTech is a telecom-focused technology company. We’re privately held and proudly bootstrapped. Headquartered just a short distance from New York City, in New Jersey, we foster a unique Silicon Valley like culture, where young entrepreneurs and developers can flourish.


Our passion is the development of innovative, yet practical, communications products. We work hard to create apps that people really want and we believe that a great product can touch millions of people, changing the way they use telecom and mobile apps.


Our deep wealth of experience in telecom and mobile allows us to execute fresh new ideas and opportunities that other companies wouldn't have the foresight to see. At the same time, we’re serious about giving the end user what they want, even if they don't know it yet.

  • Milosz Falinski

    Milosz Falinski

    Product Designer

    Hi! I’m Milosz.

    I work on the design for all of our products and websites. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling the world, science, drawing and eating seafood. I’m also fascinated with foxes, Arctic foxes to be exact.

    Say hello to Milosz and our team!
  • Shahrukh Khan

    Shahrukh Khan

    Technical Support

    Hey, call me SK.

    As a Tech Support team member, my goal is to ensure every user has a satisfied experience using our products! Im a strong believer in working every day to become better than I was the day before. In my free time you can catch me at the gym or filming videos. I’m a simple man. My life, my rules. Come chase freedom with me!

    Say hello to Shahrukh and our team!
  • Kevin Mendoza

    Kevin Mendoza

    Technical Support

    Hey guys, I'm Kevin!

    I'm just your everyday Technical Support guy here to solve and prevent any and all issues that you may have. On my downtime, I also like playing video games, watching anime, hanging out with friends, and saving lives.

    Say hello to Kevin and our team!
  • Jessica Wesselmann

    Jessica Wesselmann

    Director of Fraud Prevention

    Hello, I’m Jess and I’m the Director of Fraud Prevention.

    Fighting fraud is the name of the game, and games are my specialty. For over 7 years I've been a part of the TelTech family, coming up with new and improved ways to prevent fraudulent transactions and scams. My coworkers tell me I make the best corn dog mac and cheese muffins, and I'd have to agree.

    Say hello to Jessica and our team!

  • Dan Pannasch

    Dan Pannasch

    Junior Product Manager

    Oh hey! I’m Dan.

    As a member of our Product Marketing team, my job is to make sure you have a lot of really good reasons to love TrapCall. When I’m not at the office, I’m probably adventuring with my camera or enjoying a Mountain Dew. I’ve also been known to loudly hit a drum set, much to the disappointment of anyone nearby. Sorry, friends!

    Say hello to Dan and our team!
  • Elba Taveras

    Elba Taveras

    Administrative Specialist

    Hey! I’m Elba.

    My goal is to keep our Teltech culture alive and to ensure everything runs smoothly. As an Administrative Specialist I assist with HR, Accounting, Office Management, and Executive Assistant responsibilities. I’m a food enthusiast and burn calories as a choreographer. #danceislife

    Say hello to Elba and our team!
  • Mauricio Cuenca

    Mauricio Cuenca

    Software Engineer

    Hey, I’m Mauricio!

    I’m part of the micro-services platform team. I enjoy playing tennis and hiking or mountain biking over the New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania tri-state area as long as the outside temperature is higher than 10 degrees... celsius.

    Say hello to Mauricio and our team!
  • Ethan Garr

    Ethan Garr

    Vice President of Product

    Hey, I’m Ethan.

    As the Vice President of Product, I’m responsible for our products growth and ongoing operation. I’m a growth hacker at heart, so my goal is to find new and effective ways to make our products more valuable to a larger audience. For fun, I sail, and I actually started my career working for a team of sailors competing in the 1997 Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race.

    Say hello to Ethan and our team!
  • Jason Clardy

    Jason Clardy

    Software Engineer

    Hey, I’m Jason.

    I started to learn about programming on a TI-83 graphing calculator in middle school. Now, I do pretty much everything relating to front-end development for mobile apps on both iOS and Android. In my former life I was a rock star... well, maybe not. I just played electric guitar in a metal band during my college years at NC State University.

    Say hello to Jason and our team!

  • Giulia Palombo

    Giulia Palombo

    Growth Marketer

    Hi there, I’m Giulia.

    I'm a Growth Marketer and work with our Product Marketing Team. In my role, I manage the intersection of marketing and product development, and focus on driving growth throughout the customer experience. In my free time, I enjoy photography, travel, and anything involving carbs. My motto: “Life is too short to not eat pizza”.

    Say hello to Giulia and our team!
  • Matt Mizenko

    Matt Mizenko

    Director of Product Engineering

    Sup y’all? I’m Matt and I’m the Director of Product Engineering.

    At my heart I am a sausage maker, which means that I do the really fun stuff like driving process and execution. Jealous, right? Nothing geeks me out more than starting with a few ideas on a whiteboard and eventually shipping a polished product. I’ve been in mobile since way before it was even a thing; in fact, I built one of the world’s first mobile commerce applications. Though I grew up in NJ (Rutgers Strong!) I currently live on a small farm outside of Seattle, WA with my family and am a diehard supporter of the current MLS Cup champion Seattle Sounders FC.

    Say hello to Matt and our team!
  • Zenon Yanez

    Zenon Yanez

    Technical Support

    What’s up it’s Zenon!

    Helping people out with our products is what I do! If you’ve got a question, I probably have an answer. Tinkering is what I do best, but on my down time, I like to play video games, my instruments, and cruise down the boardwalk with my longboard!

    Say hello to Zenon and our team!
  • Manuel Peguero

    Manuel Peguero

    Software Engineer

    Hey, I’m Manuel.

    I’m part of the micro-services platform team at TelTech. I love to play pool, watch Japanese anime, tv shows, and sports. And, of course, drink beer.

    Say hello to Manuel and our team!

  • Lupe Galvan

    Lupe Galvan

    Administrative Director

    Hey there, Lupe here!

    I have been with TelTech for close to a decade and have worn many hats. As the Administrative Director, my current hat is wide brimmed and glittery! I make sure that our day-to-day operations run smooth, knowing that a comfortable environment will make our amazing team work that much better. I hope to instill our culture into each person that takes a seat at our table.

    I think my greatest pleasure, with the exception of my family, is to read and learn new things. As the great Dr. Seuss once said, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” So… what are you waiting for? Get up and GO!Say hello to Lupe and our team!

  • Bryan Ospina

    Bryan Ospina

    Technical Support

    Hey, what’s up? I’m Bryan!

    I’m your Tech Support guy, and I’m here to help you out with any issues that you experience with our app and point out any bugs I come across to my team. On my free time you can probably catch me at the beach or at the zoo looking at elephants, which are my favorite animal!

    Say hello to Bryan and our team!
  • Onix Alicea

    Onix Alicea

    Quality Assurance Manager

    Hey, I’m Onix.

    I’ve worked in QA for over ten years in the video game industry, and my role here is to create, edit, and update our test flow so we can bring the best quality product to you. I’m into tech, tats, and toys. As a former Marine, I’m almost indestructible.

    Say hello to Onix and our team!
  • Justin Garcia

    Justin Garcia

    Technical Support

    Hey! I’m Justin.

    I take my job very seriously to make sure each customer has the best support for our products. In my downtime, I really enjoy playing video games, listening to music, and I love to breakdance. I also love my dog!

    Say hello to Justin and our team!
  • Shawn Milochik

    Shawn Milochik

    Software Engineer

    Greeting! I'm ShawnMilo.

    I like to write code, and have been doing it for almost 20 years. In addition to writing Go and Python, I enjoy practicing the bass guitar and reading. Mostly fiction, especially Lee Child and Gregg Hurwitz. I'm also interested in martial arts and sleight-of-hand card magic. Programming, music, magic, and martial arts are all the same in that you can never be the best and you can never finish learning. My approach to my passions is to work to constantly improve and never be satisfied with yesterday's accomplishments.

    Say hello to Shawn and our team!

  • Amanda Pietrocola

    Amanda Pietrocola

    Director of Product

    Hi there, I’m Amanda! :)

    I'm the Director of Product and work with our Product Marketing team. In my role, I have the opportunity to work with our design, developer, and marketing teams to ensure we're giving our customers the best product possible. In my spare time, I love to blog and enjoy learning about real estate investing.

    Say hello to Amanda and our team!
  • Thomas Flaim

    Thomas Flaim

    Technical Support

    Hello! My name’s Tommy.

    I troubleshoot customer issues related to our products with a big smile on my face. In my spare time, I enjoy playing video games, playing the trumpet and playing with my German Shepherd, Elsie. Did I mention I play the trumpet at Medieval Times?

    Say hello to Thomas and our team!
  • Ana Aquino

    Ana Aquino

    Culinary Artist

    Hola! Mi nombre es Ana, and I am the office mom.

    You can find me singing and dancing around the office as I clean, and prepare meals for my niños and niñas. In the summer, you can find me swimming en la playa.

    Say hello to Ana and our team!
  • Nate Kapitanski

    Nate Kapitanski

    Director of Special Projects

    Hey, I’m Nate. I’m the Director of Special Projects.

    I currently lead a strike-team that takes on specific projects that are important for TelTech's growth. I’m extremely passionate about mobile app development, design and UX, which is why I've driven the design, product and development side of things across all the products here at TelTech. I have over 10 years of product management, e-commerce and telecommunications experience. In 2004, at the age of 20, I founded my first e-commerce business, and I’ve been producing unique mobile communications products since. Before Apple officially offered developers access to the iOS platform, I worked on one of the first 100 iPhone apps ever built. I’ve roamed the earth as a digital nomad for the past few years, so you can find me in Google Hangout meetings working on mobile projects from someplace warm.

    Say hello to Nate and our team!

  • Paul Dippold

    Paul Dippold

    Software Engineer

    Hey, I’m Paul!

    I’m an iOS Developer working on TapeACall and Call Recorder. I made my first iPhone app when I was 13 years old; ever since then I have spent as much of my time on the platform as possible. In my free time I like to search for and photograph waterfalls and homebrew ginger beer.

    Say hello to Paul and our team!
  • Ying Wang

    Ying Wang

    Data Analyst

    Hey! I’m Ying.

    As the Data Analyst of the team, I’m responsible for helping with the company’s data-driven efforts. I enjoy analyzing data from a consumer-centric perspective, and using data to drive insights that can inform optimized business decisions. I love movies and ice creams, those are my important sources of inspiration.

    Say hello to Ying and our team!
  • Liam Forsyth

    Liam Forsyth

    Front-End Designer

    Hello, my name is Liam!

    I’m the guy who created this page you’re currently looking at. That being said, I design websites around user interaction, including how a site looks and feels. I enjoy everything art related and cooking. Did I mention, I once did a presentation dressed as Shakespeare? Cheers!

    Say hello to Liam and our team!
  • Nate Joel

    Nate Joel

    Director of Customer Advocacy

    Waddup. I’m Nate the Great.

    I oversee our Technical Support team, and determine the direction of support for our products. My primary focus is to be an advocate for our customers and ensure we are providing quality support. You can find me singing around the office and playing desk drums. I annoy my co-workers as I hold the record for most consecutive sneezes.

    Say hello to Nate and our team!
  • Nikola Brežnjak

    Nikola Brežnjak

    Senior Software Engineer

    Bok, ja sam Nikola!

    I’m a Senior Software Engineer, working primarily on TrapCall. I love board games, a few of my favorites being Carcassonne, Puerto Rico, Alhambra, and Coup. Whatever spare time I find I tend to spend it with my two little kids Laura and Luka (I love using the "Luke, I’m your father" line) and my lovely supportive wife. I like to read, but it turns out that I like to listen to Audible books even more, especially when I go for a walk in the morning.

    Say hello to Nikola and our team!

  • Eli Finkelman

    Eli Finkelman

    CTO & Co-Founder

    Hey guys, I’m Eli. I’m the Co-Founder and CTO.

    I am responsible for the technical direction and development of our company’s products and services. I have over a decade of experience in software and web development technology, and have driven the engineering efforts at TelTech and TelAPI for over eight years. My life’s work is to lead our team in efforts to find new and innovative ways for people to maintain their mobile privacy, leverage the power of telecom, and use cloud-based services in their daily communications. I have an insatiable passion for all things technology - my Tesla is a reflection of this passion. I also know seven different languages: HTML, Python, Golang, Java, Hebrew, Russian and… oh yeah, English.

    Say hello to Eli and our team!
  • John Frenville

    John Frenville

    Numerical Ninja

    Hi, I’m John Frenville I’m the Numerical Ninja.

    As the numerical ninja, I am responsible for crunching all things financial and forecasting the future. For fun, I love to cycle especially on the Jersey shore, drink wine, cook and grow a great garden.

    Say hello to John and our team!
  • Andy Machado

    Andy Machado

    QA Engineer

    Yo, I’m Andy, but sometimes people confuse me for Pitbull.

    I'm a Quality Assurance Engineer. This means I help minimize bugs, errors, and ensure the quality of our applications before and after they are released. Basically, when trouble shoots, I troubleshoot back.

    Say hello to Andy and our team!
  • Louis Valentino

    Louis Valentino

    Technical Support

    What’s up? I’m Louis.

    I solve problems for customers, maintain a social media presence, and stop fraudulent transactions. I have many vinyl records, and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.

    Say hello to Louis and our team!

  • Bryan Salmeron

    Bryan Salmeron

    Technical Support

    So, check it out.

    You can call me Bonz, mas meu nome é Bryan. Did I mention Portuguese is my first language? I troubleshoot all customer related issues, update social media, and manage our local network and devices. I love to play basketball and work out in my spare time.

    Say hello to Bryan and our team!
  • Meir Cohen

    Meir Cohen

    President & Co-Founder

    Hey! I’m Meir, the Co-Founder and President.

    I lead our company’s business and operating strategies, and oversee daily operations. I have over eight years of telecom experience, with a focus on product and business development, strategic marketing, and operations. I set the vision for our company’s growth, with an intense focus on building a culture of innovation throughout the team. I’m really passionate about privacy, telecom and cloud-based disruptive technologies. Before co-founding TelTech, I was a professional locksmith. When a customer made a habit of not picking up my calls, TelTech’s first hit product, SpoofCard, was born. When I’m not in the office, I can be found flying my drone, or riding my motorcycle through the Garden State. I was recently elected as the fire commissioner in my community.

    Say hello to Meir and our team!
  • Ramon Sandoval

    Ramon Sandoval

    QA Engineer

    Hola! I’m Ray.

    My role is to ensure that new products work before they are released to the public. Basically, I get to pull my hair out first so customers don’t have to. I love cars, video games, and comic books.

    Say hello to Ramon and our team!
  • Marty Balaban

    Marty Balaban

    Mobile Developer

    Bonjour, je m’appelle Marty.

    I have been passionately building iOS and Android applications since 2009. I am always super excited to delivery amazing user experiences and functionality as well as being able to get my work into the hands of people so quickly. When I’m not changing the world coding… I love playing softball, building physical things, and playing music on my trumpet and piano. I love spending time with my three kids and wife in our totally sweet Star Wars basement theater. I have a big passion for electric vehicles since I feel like I’m piloting a spaceship when I’m driving around town.

    Say hello to Marty and our team!
  • Al Beebe

    Al Beebe

    Senior Front-End Engineer

    What’s up guy, I’m Al.

    I’m responsible for leading the development of our websites and apps. Most of my time is spent coding. I’m wicked good with electricity, and really big into home automation. I’m currently tinkering with my house so I can control it from my phone. Hopefully, I remember to keep my phone charged.

    Say hello to Al and our team!

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