• May 18, 2016

    TelTech Launches New App That Stops Scam Calls, Shows Name and Picture Caller ID of the True Caller

    Team RoboKiller from TelTech, winners of the FTC's anti-robocall competition, today unveiled WhoApp -- a free mobile app that addresses the never-ending question: "Who's calling me now?" WhoApp transforms unknown numbers into names, faces, and rich data, and, for the first time ever, offers iPhone users privacy and peace of mind every time their phone rings."The FTC challenged developers to build a solution to the robocall problem, and we've now released our award-winning app to the world," said Meir Cohen, WhoApp's CEO. "WhoApp shows consumers who's calling, and identifies if that call is a known telemarketer or robocaller. It...

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  • August 06, 2015

    Happy Nixon Week from TapeACall!

    App that records calls on mobile phones salutes the only president to resign because of taped calls! In honor of the 41st anniversary of the resignation of Richard Nixon as President of the United States, TapeACall (www.tapeacall.com) has created “Nixon Day.” Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon left office in August 1974 after secret recordings made in the Oval Office revealed his role in the Watergate scandal. TapeACall lets iPhone and Android users record important calls from their mobile phones at the push of a button, and users who download the app this week will receive a 50% discount on the product,...

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  • July 21, 2015

    ​Has Anyone Heard Mike Hall?

    If you’ve ever watched The Simpsons, you know that one of the show’s longest-running gags involves Bart and Lisa crank calling Moe’s Tavern. The joke is always the same: the kids (anonymously) ring the surly bartender and ask if they can speak to a fictitious patron with a secretly subversive name. Invariably, Moe asks around for “Hugh Jass” (or some variation) until he realizes that he’s been pranked. Bart and Lisa laugh hysterically as an enraged Moe threatens to hunt them down. What most people don’t realize is that the bit is a direct homage...

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  • July 14, 2015

    Good News, Bad News, And More Good News

    No one wakes up in the morning and wonders, “will I be swindled out of $10,000 today?” If people spent their time worrying about all the possible bad things that could happen, they might never get out of bed. But a piece of good news reminds us of just the kind of risk that people should think about, the kind that can cost a person thousands of dollars. It involves two things people tend to have some trust in: your phone and the IRS.

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  • July 10, 2015

    ​$229,500 Fine For Robocall Abuse Highlights Bigger Issue

    It’s bad enough when you answer a call with a blocked Caller ID and a human is on the other end. Answering a call to find a recording on the line, however, adds insult to injury. How can it be worse? What about when the recording is late at night, or bugging you about something that has nothing to do with you? Araceli King of Irving, Texas received 153 robocalls from Time Warner Cable – calls that continued even after she told the company they had the wrong number. This week, a judge awarded King $229,500 in damages from the company, tripling...

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  • July 08, 2015

    ​Outfox The Scammers: Protecting Company Phones Is Critical to Data Security

    Financial institutions spare no expense when it comes to protecting their data. That’s because they know that hackers and criminals are constantly looking for ways to get inside companies to sabotage systems, access private data, or steal money. Not surprisingly, the global market for computer security is expected to jump to over $170 billion a year by 2020. Unfortunately, spending a lot of money guarding your front gate isn’t much good when you leave the back door wide open, which is what happened to Fortelus Capital Management. Despite all of its fancy cybersecurity protocols, the UK hedge fund’s chief...

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